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The human body it the best

picture of the soul.

-- Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 - 1951)

Counselling Services

Bio-feedback is an innovative approach that leverages physiological data to help effect therapeutic change. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of bio-feedback, and the approach is being used increasingly as an adjunct to conventional methods in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain. Bio-feedback is completely painless and noninvasive.  

During a bio-feedback session, one or more electrodes are attached to one's person and physiological data, such as heart rate variability, respiration rate and galvanic skin response, are collected. After a baseline is established, one would typically be instructed to commence with certain breathing exercises and relaxation practices. Physiological data would be collected continuously while one engages with the process. 

As clients gain mastery over the various breathing and relaxation techniques, the resulting physiological changes are detected and displayed on a monitor, in real-time, for the client. Using this physiological data as a form of corrective feedback, clients are able to hone their relaxation skills and build resilience to the physiological symptoms associated with a variety of health and wellness issues.

I understand that reaching out to a counsellor may seem like a daunting task. If you are thinking about bio-feedback I encourage you to schedule an initial appointment to see if my style is compatible with you. During our initial meeting I will outline the process of counselling and discuss limits of confidentiality. To expedite matters, kindly download and complete the intake package by clicking the "Download Intake Package" button (located right). If you wish, you may also upload your completed Intake Package by clicking on the "Upload Intake Package" button (located on the "Contact Us" page).       



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