Do you have the sense that you are alone in your personal struggles? It can be tempting to think that one's situation is bizarre and hopeless. Thinking this way has a tendency to make one feel isolated, sad, helpless and worried. Although the details of your situation are undoubtedly unique, there are likely other people who have had similar experiences and concerns. Learning about their journey to wellness can be comforting because it helps us to understand that our situation might not be quite so bizarre as we had initially thought. Connecting with the experiences that other people have had allows us to realize that we do not need to be alone in our personal struggles.

The following individuals have elected to share their experiences in the hope that their stories might resonate with you. All names have been withheld in order to protect their identity.


​​​Wayne really seemed to understand my situation and was very supportive. I am very grateful for his non-judgemental and kind approach.

- name withheld     


Loved your guided meditation, I found it so relaxing! I never really appreciated how important self-care was. Thanks for helping me realize that I do deserve to take proper care of myself and "replenish my soul."

- name withheld  


A really empowering moment for me was when you explained how anxiety works. Your explanation helped me see that my anxiety was not the result of some personal flaw or failure, but an understandable response to my situation and experiences.

- name withheld


Thanks for really listening to me and for encouraging me to practice positive self-talk.

- name withheld


Wayne helped me see that I have always tried to make myself acceptable to other people and hold myself to impossible standards. I was so busy trying to turn myself into what I thought I ought to be that I never really focused on who I really am. While I'm still trying to figure out who I am deep down, at least I'm no longer trying to turn myself into what I think others want me to be, and that is a great relief.

- name withheld 



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